The Secret to Long Healthy Hair

Too Often we are faced with the Question of, How do I keep my hair healthy so I can grow it.

90% of the time we respond with a Question.... Why you ask? Well, its so important to know what you are using at home to care for your hair and what your hair care routine is.

If you are using Shampoo and Conditioner that isn't prescribed for your hair, you cant expect amazing results. Think of it as having the wrong medication prescribed for the wrong illness.... you aren't going to be getting anywhere Fast.

So the Secret to long hair you ask? Well, yes it does start with your Home care and your routine. I always suggest a lot of Moisture, no don't get this mistaken with Oil or tell me that, but when I put moisture products into my hair it makes me so oily. This is not a case of one product is suitable for everyone.

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