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Organic Hair Sydney is the home of the luxury Organic Hair experience. Located in Concord in Sydneys Inner west, Organic Hair Sydney is in easy access to all of the Sydney Metropolitan area.

At Organic Hair Sydney we only use Products and Brands that align with our ethics and meet our strict ingredients standards.

We are a Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free Salon.

Why We choose the Organic way.

At Organic Hair Sydney we choose to use organic and natural products so not only are we minimising our exposure to the toxic world but also to add a touch of organic luxury to our industry so our clients can have peace of mind when they are being pampered.

There is no reason why we shouldn't be able to enjoy to the benefits of the hairdressing world even if we have allergies, sensitivities or are pregnant.

Our Salon is a "Clean Air" salon. When you walk in our salon doors it is evident that all the products we use are free of harsh chemicals and are of natural or no fragrance.

For all of our clients that suffer with Nausea or sensitivities to fragrance or are concerned about fumes, Organic Hair Sydney is free of any odours so you can sit with peace of mind that you are in a safe haven to be pampered.

Choosing to use Colours and Products that are free of nasty irritants and chemicals ensures our clients are able to safely colour and lighten their hair without any hesitation.

We want to do our bit to care for the world we live in, as you can appreciate, Hair salons use tonnes of Gallons of water each year, this water is washed down our waste pipes and into our oceans. By using Products that are free of Harsh chemicals we are able to reduce our chemical waste and the inevitable damage it does to our environment and our world.

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