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I am concerned about my Allergies

Although a lot of Salons are now offering Ammonia free Colour there are still a list of other Harsh Chemicals that client with Allergies are concerned about.


At Organic Hair Sydney we specialise in colour that is free of all Harsh Chemicals and pride ourselves on the care we take to ensure each individual client is cared for so there is no room for hesitation or concern when it comes to colouring and Styling their hair.

We use Colour Systems that are free of Ammonia, p-Phenylenediamine (PPDs), Resorcinol, Parabens, Mercury, Silicone, Phenoxyethanol, and Formaldehyde.

If you have a concern regarding a particular ingredient or allergy you may have, we will look after your concerns and accommodate your needs in any way possible.

Skin Conditions are becoming more and more apparent in our world with the additives in our foods, cosmetics, shampoo and skin care we use. It is so hard to decipher what is going to work for us and what is not when there are so many misleading labels on our Supermarket shelves.


Did you know, in order to put "Organic" on a label, product companies are only required to have a mere 6% of Organic ingredients in their product.


That is why Organic Hair Sydney are meticulous when it comes to product selection and will only recommend products that are free of Nasty irritants.

We use and recommend Everescents Organic Hair care, Everescents is an Australian owned and made company and has the highest standard of Certified organic Ingredients. With up to 90% of Ingredients being certified organic and 100% of ingredients being Naturally derived. 

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