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What we Use

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At Organic Hair Sydney we only use and recommend products that are cruelty free and free of all Harsh Chemicals. We Pride ourselves by only using Certified Organic Hair care that not only contains NO Harmful chemicals but also uses no chemicals in their production and testing.

We are passionate about everything organic and taking care of yourself from the inside out as well as looking after all of your hair care needs and desires.

Certified Organic Hair care

Everescents is an all Australian made and owned "salon only"Ceritifed Organic hair care range. It contains NO harmful chemicals in its products as well as using no chemicals during its production and testing. Everescents sets the bench mark for what we are all about. Being at least 75% to 90% certified organic and almost all products being vegan Friendly and the whole range being Cruelty free we are proud to use and recommend the Everescents range at Organic Hair Sydney.

Artēgo Rain Dance

Originating in Italy the Artēgo Rain Dance range gives us the precious hydrating elixir for nourished shiny hair. With essential oils of Tsubaki, Argan and Camellia as well as strengthening silk proteins the Artēgo rain dance range provides us with everything our hair needs.

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Clever Curl 

Clever Curl Products are the Sister Brand to Everescents Organic Hair Care. Only Clever Curl has been designed for Curly Girls by Curly Girl masters.

Clever Curl has something for each individual Curly hair type.

Following the Curly Girl Method and sticking to all the rules, Clever Curl was born. Right here in Australia.

All Australian Owned and Made and designed to suit the Australian Climate with Dry weather, Humid weather and everything in between.

Clever Curl is a Certified Organic range and has No Poo, Deep conditioning, light conditioning, curl treatment, Humid and Dry weather Gels as well as Foams and Styling cremes to have your curls hydrated and fFrizz Free.

What More could a Curly Girl want?


Hanami Cosmetics

Hanami Cosmetics is all Australian Owned and Made. With Strong Ethos of creating cosmetics that don't Contain any harsh chemicals.

Hanami Nail Polish is 10 Free, Free of all the Harsh Chemicals found in main stream nail Polish.

- Non toxic, breathable & water permeable nail polishes
- Cosmetics made with natural plant based ingredients
- Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free
- 100% Australian made and independently owned

Hanami was born in 2016 after Naturopath, Hannah Jones, spent over 10 years in the natural & organic industry and realised that there were so many products on the 'green beauty’ market that were clicking up some serious carbon miles travelling to Australia from where they were manufactured, had no cruelty free or vegan certification, and were full of suss ingredients that could potentially be very harmful - both for your health, and for the environment.

The Hanami range includes over 40 shades of non toxic nail polish, water based nail polish removers, lipsticks, mascaras and more.


Keratin Smoothing Treatment

At Organic Hair Sydney we are very strict with what we will stock and use in salon for both our clients health and our own health. Choosing a keratin Smoothing treatment that was going to give us amazing and consistent results as well as being non toxic was important to us, not only for our exposure to the product but also keeping in mind our other clients health while sitting in salon while Keratin is processed, blow dried and Ironed.

Keratin treatments come in a wide variety, so wide that a lot of products being used in salons can have toxic formaldehyde fumes that are at dangerous levels but also extremely toxic to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

There are very few products on the market that are 100% Free of Formaldehyde in both the product ingredients as well as the by product fumes when the product is blow dried.

When we found the Guava Keratin smoothing treatment we were impressed with the results and even more impressed that the ingredients are so clean that it is safe to use on pregnant and breastfeeding women, news that was welcomed and also something that we have never been able to find in the industry before.

Prices for our Keratin Smoothing treatment are dependant on Length and Volume of your Hair.

Keratin Smoothing treatment will smooth your hair, add shine and eliminate frizz, Keratin Smoothing won't give you a pin straight result but will help cut your blowdrying time in half.

We love the Guava Keratin Smoothing treatment for our Curly Girls as it helps to restore the protein composition, adds shine and helps to eliminate the frizz.

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