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Looking after your Hair whilst Pregnant.

Congratulations!!! You have a little bundle of joy on the way, What an exciting time in your life and what more could you want?


Then the dreaded regrowth arises and all of a sudden the concern of "is it safe to colour my hair whilst pregnant" arises. It is a common concern of a lot of women that are trying to fall pregnant or have just found out the big news.


Organic Hair Sydney specialise in looking after clients that have concerns regarding using hair colours and products, before, during and after pregnancy as well as other health issues that may arise in life.

We use colour systems that are free of all the chemical nasties that are in main stream colours. After all, everything that we apply to our skin, especially our delicate scalp finds its way into our blood stream and can cause an array of side effects, and that's when we aren't carrying our bundle of joy that we wish to bring into the world.

Our Salon is a "Clean Air" salon. When you walk in our salon doors it is evident that all the products we use are free of harsh chemicals and are of natural or no fragrance.

For all of our Mums that suffer with Nausea or sensitivities to fragrance or are concerned about fumes, Organic Hair Sydney is free of any odours so you can sit with peace of mind that you and your baby are in a safe haven to be pampered.

For a list of all the Chemicals we Avoid in salon, please see the Menu link above "Ingredients we Avoid".

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